Olive Oil

Olive oil is produced mainly in Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey. Yudum factory is in Ayvalık, a town in the northern Aegean cost in the heartland of Turkish olive growing region. Today there are over 2.5 million olive trees in Ayvalık which is known with the premium quality olive oil having the richest flavor and aroma.

Turkey Olive Map

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply a frut juice which has not undergone any chemical treatment or processing. It is obtained by pressing the best quality olives, and its basic properties are not modified. It’s a totally natural product that maintains the same physical and chemical properties of the olive. It is good for salads, marinating, dipping and breakfast.

Virgin Olive Oil is also fruit juice that has not processed but classified as per its higher acidity level than extra virgin olive oil (max. 2% acidity). It is just the matter of choice depending on the taste, smell that could be used for salads, marinating, dipping and also breakfast.

Pure Olive Oil is an excellent all purpose olive oil and flavor enhancer. It is profiled mainly with refined olive oil and some virgin olive oil category which is to give it a touch of olive smell and color at a very mild level. Due to its mainly refined content it has good resistance to high temperatures. It can be used in very hot and cold dishes, from stir frying to salad dressing and pasta sauces.

Refined Olive Oil is processed, but perfectly healthy. It is obtained by refining virgin olive oil that do not pass the taste or free acidity test. No solvents are used, and has the same nutritional facts that virgin category offers. It is better suited for heavy-duty, high-heat cooking.